FreeSpirit Birth is a doula who is


Sometimes you may not even know what questions to ask! So a variety of packages are available for class, labor, water birth tub rental, birth doula, postpartum, breastfeeding and more!


I realize there are a number of pieces to the puzzle of pregnancy and birth. With my services come an inherent knowing for preparing the Body, Mind, Soul – from yoga to Spinning Babies you will receive from me what each moment asks for.


As a doula it’s my job to combine my experience with evidence based practices and provide you that feedback. It’s also my job to empower you to tap into your instincts to make choices you are comfortable with and that fit your wishes for a mindful birth.


While I can meet the needs of many women, it’s my choice to limit the number of clients I accept monthly to assure you that I will be available when you need me


With more than 18 years as a doula and midwifery nursing, over 800 births and five births of my own, you get the guarantee that I will help you to confidently prepare and also navigate the unexpected.


By choosing FreeSpirit Birth you become my number one priority: multiple in person visits, unlimited email, text and phone contact and personalized preparation hints and tips are your when you choose the package that’s right for you.

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